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Didier Marceau

Didier has been a keen motorcyclist since the age of 8, starting his riding career on trial bikes, bashing through the hills when ever he could, the motorcycling virus had hit hard.

At 14, the legal age to ride a moped on the roads in France, he bought his first street legal 50cc, a very run down Mobylette, 20 years old, destined for the scrap. This first bike was restored to its original condition, but Didier wanted something else, something that would scream individuality.

With so many 2 wheelers out on the roads, customisation was the only way to stand out from the rest, in those days, if your bike had “Bling” you were the king. With a new bike purchased, Didier set out to source special parts around Europe, in those days, there were no specialised stores and if you couldn’t make your part, you just had to go out and look for it relying on magazines and hear say as there was no internet then.

The Bling bug had hit and there was no running away from it. All the holiday wages went into bikes and parts and some lessons were learned the hard way, as is often the case with starting trends. The most valuable lesson learned was that if you want your project to look the goods, quality components are the only way to go.

When arriving in Australia, the wide majority of bikes were stock standard, and when it was time to buy another 2 wheeled vehicle, no one was specialising in importing bike Bling, only generic aftermarket parts were available. Didier worked in the travel industry but after September 11, work was getting scarce and a new trade had to be found.

With no specialised quality motorcycle aftermarket businesses existing, Didier decided that it would be a good idea to put to good use his passion of motorcycling and 25 years experience of customisation to change all that, which saw the birth of Frozzie’s Bling factory. The emphasis was to import high quality products and offer the best possible customer service, with the vision of becoming a reference in the industry.

With a steady growth and surprising international profile, Didier is working harder than ever to keep up to date with the industry’s changes and constantly searching for new products, and with all the contacts constantly growing, make sure you get in touch with Frozzie, whatever your project and budget!

See you on the winding roads, and ride safe!.



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